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But as I mulled it over I considered the jest of their claim. They did not say it was the best tasting, only that it was the best you ever ate, and being the self appointed potentates of well-being that they are, it must be true, at least from their perspective. Don’t get me wrong I am not disparaging those of you that chose to eat healthy, I applaud you. I’m just pointing to a rationale that seems to be permeating every area of our culture now. It’s something I call “the paragon perspective.” That may sound virtuous but the truth is it’s just tunnel vision seasoned with a little self-righteous indignation. The perspective itself has it own power regardless of the object of its focus, for it is a mind set and it empowers you to eliminate all other contributing facts in decision making. In the case of organic food, cost is irrelevant, they will pay up to three times as much for goods as long as it has the “Organic” label. Even flavor and taste take a backseat to their goal of nutrition purity.But I do enjoy watching them try to smile as they chew their gluten free baked goods that taste and feel like eating three month old bread and when they try to convince me that their veggie-burger taste just like meat. It is a form of suffering that they willfully embrace for unadulterated nutrition. I can hear James Hetfield’s voice now “Cause nothing else matters!” Again it’s not health food I’m talking about though, it’s the mindset, for it transcends all of the other mitigating factors.For instance, you don’t want a Fireman that has had the unfortunate experience of carrying a lifeless child out of a burning building to write building code. From his “perspective,” he will most likely require steel beams instead of wood and all nonflammable composites that would triple the building cost and make housing un-affordable for the average family. Sure you earnestly consider his expertise but you weigh all of the factors before establishing the criteria for writing building code or you would have fireproof houses that few could afford. Collateral damage can become irrelevant to an expert, they usually have dedicated their life to a particular subject and can sharpen their perspective to the point of willful ignorance. I am not discounting the value of experts, I’m only pointing to the dangers of putting them in charge, wether it be a fire chief writing building code or a biochemist implementing public health and safety code. The pragmatism of reason seems to be lost in this new world of activism. In the not so distant past, Experts would testify before Congress to give technical and factual stats. Then with the with the weight of the people’s interest these elected officials would exercise prudence and hopefully a commonsense approach. The problem is most of the elected officials are activist now and are driven by this paragon perspective and they no longer represent us and our desires, they now are all experts and feel they know better than us, an will tell us whats best for us. Our form of government by the people has morphed in to a governing of the people. That may see like just semantics to you but I assure you we are seeing a paradigm shift that will forever change the way governance is executed. 

As I was reading the label on a bag of oatmeal I pondered the validity of its bold claim, “THE BEST OATMEAL YOU EVER ATE.”
Hmmm, could it be that I’m just your average oatmeal eating simpleton that has never delighted my tastebuds with these apparently superior grains? I thought that surely my recipe of brown sugar, butter and a dash of cinnamon and some raisins or blueberries in my oatmeal was a perfect way to enhance my warm bowl of oats. My mind then wandered as it often does and I envisioned some Food Engineers dressed in white smocks prancing around the lab holding up beakers of oats in celebration yelling “Eureka!” I wondered if there was a room full of blindfolded oatmeal taste testers comparing samples as they eagerly awaited for their 35$ compensation for renting out their tastebuds? I imagined a bunch of bald headed oatmeal executives posing questions to focus groups and consulting their corporate lawyers as to liability’s of such a bold claim of being “The Best!” Yet still I couldn’t imagine that there was that much of a difference between the iconic Quaker that I so unceremoniously consume and these newly crowned king of oats!! Then I looked down and saw the word “ORGANIC” in green letters, then it all made sense to me. This stuff could taste like cardboard and they could claim it’s the best simply because it’s organic. Because in the world of the health-food gurus and their soybean, gluten & sugar free, antioxidant swallowing followers that’s all that matters, and even more so if it’s grown on the Carpathian mountain tops picked by virgins in silk robes on a solstice full moon to the sounds of sitars and hemp skinned drums. I always feel like I’m being scolded by the nutrition purist. How dare us tastebud worshiping gluttons ingest the tainted offerings of common oats into our unholy temples of indiscretion.

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