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In the late 70’s I was a bodyguard for Cesar Chavez. I was not his personal bodyguard, I was assigned to his protection team when he was in San Diego. When you are a bodyguard for a well known political activist there is an understanding that things could go terribly wrong. There are emergency protocols to follow and undoubtedly more contingency plans than I was privy to, but it all boiled down to one question. Was I willing to take a bullet for Cezar Chavez.
Immigration was one of his causes but he was against illegal immigration.He urge his people not to cross the border illegally, He fought for change through legislation unlike the subversive tactics used today, so yes, bullet worthy. If I was to make a political statement on Cezar Chavez Day it would be this, that both political parties are responsible for this mess. No need to state your case one way or another, I’ve heard every emotion filled, statistic driven, constitution based argument and political slant there is. I just wanted to honor the man who fought for change the right way, the legal way, on this day, March 31s Cesar Chavez day

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