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....and a horse

The Breeders Cup at Del Mar 2017:The Art of the Horse will feature full-sized fiberglass horse sculptures painted and decorated by local artists, then distributed and placed in highly visible locations throughout the greater San Diego area. The life-sized, artistic sculptures are reproductions of the Torrie Horse used on the Breeders' Cup trophies. 

The Breeders Cup sent out a call to all of the artists in San Diego and I was one of the twenty artists selected which was very exciting, now all I had to do was figure out how to take my 2-d art and paint it on a life-size 3-D horse. It was a challenge and I enjoyed every minute of it. Below is the progression from beginning to end.  The L'Auberge Del Mar resort sponsored my horse " Hang On to Your Hats"

Visiting Buttercup on the way to opening day festivities
L'Auberge Del Mar
Delivery Day!
My new friend "Buttercup" named by fellow artist Randy Hawkins
One big horse!
Almost Done!
How many artists does it take to move a lifesize horse into a studio?
Can't wait to start painting
a base coat of Naples yellow
A lot of brushing
Done with base coat
Taking a break
Let the fun begin!
It took some doing but I fit my 2-D drawing onto the 3-D horse
Taping off arms and legs
Still taping
Carved some flower stamps out of flip flops
The flowers are working out
workin on my lady
Looking good!
Taping the hooves
painting her arms
Bought a new brush to create the eye lashes
Hair and make-up ready
Curly, swirly mane
Tail detail
Finishing up body detail
Yay! time to paint pattern, my favorite!
It's like therapy
Tiny flowers
The dress is finished
Nail polish
Pretty eyes
More nail polish
Time to start her hat
Loving the purple
Purple hat
Getting close to finished
Hat detail
wait for ride to Del Mar Fairgrounds
Buttercup Showing off for passerby's
Standing next to "Where Surf Meets the Turf" by artist Bonnie Chance
Here comes our ride!
Dainty steps onto the lift
See you at Del Mar!
Hangin' out at the L’Auberge Del Mar
Enjoying the sea air
Enjoying the V.I.P. treatment with my lovely daughter
Buttercup Vogue'n the Fascinator by Christine A. Moore

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