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WARLORD galleries


        Warlord is a collaboration of the art work of Benjamen Warner Flores and Daphne Gaylord. The Warlord name is derived from the artists names         WARner and gayLORD.

Artists see the world in their own way, like a secret that is theirs alone to share or not to share, an expression of the brightness of pure joy to the Cimmerian darkness of angst and fear. The lure of art is that the viewer can relate to it, or be moved to endless emotions by a piece that is the individual expression, unique to the artist’s life whether the pieces are the beautiful visual children of their souls, or demons that need to be cast out in order to cope with the world around them and then everything in between. Warlord art is the collaboration of two artists, from two wholly different backgrounds, artistic thought processes, and painting mediums, who somehow were able to put self aside and see the merit of the others work and to recognize that combined together it created a new dimension, a door through which opened onto an area of unlimited concepts and possibilities. Together Warlord creates sculptures, paintings, nature inspired jewelry, and an array of other objets d’art. From Benjamen’s photorealism to Daphne’s Neo Impressionism there will always be a piece of interest on the Warlord horizon.

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