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Liza Minelli - Copy.jpg
Carousel Horse Wix.jpg

Liza Minnelli Reverse Glass Painting framed over Pink Paint Pour

"Golden Dancer"

3' x 4' Acrylic Painting. This painting is mostly made up of 58 individual paint pours, comprising the background, body, mane & tail.

Golden Dance is a carousel horse that resides on the Balboa Park carousel in San Diego.

Lucille Ball (2).jpg

Lucille Ball Reverse Glass painting framed over cosmic paint pour

Alfred PP.jpg

Alfred Hitchcock Reverse Glass Painting framed over paint pour

Daphne Portrait Final.jpg
Chloe Portrait Final.jpg

Daphne & Chloe Portraits

2' x 4' acrylic paintings embellished with special designed paint pour paper by Daphne Gaylord for collage style dresses

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